Policy & Disclaimer

We Stand behind our work!

We are responsible for our work; we guarantee everything we promise, but in order to do that, we need your help! For the best Residential Experience, please let us know your Special Requests!

Therefore, in order to ensure we do everything that you have in mind, we ask for your personal check list, we then cross reference it with ours and then we try to do everything you asked for.

Please let us know exactly what you would like cleaned in advanced.

For example, Inside of the Fridge or the Oven is Not a regular part of Residential Cleaning. If you need the Inside of the appliances, you must let us know beforehand so we can bring the oven cleaner and the tools we need for that type of cleaning.

We are happy to help you clean your home and we aim to do what you need so please let us know exactly what you have in mind! If there is something that you wanted cleaned and we missed it, please let us know right away or the next time we are in! We will happily retouch and clean that item and will completely make it up to you!

Please, you are important to us call me DIRECTLY if you need to: 604-781-4374.

Rescheduling Appointments

Rescheduling Occasional Appointments, in consideration to our team and the following appointments that day please Call or Text us with at least 48hrs notice in advanced in order to make the necessary adjustments.

Rescheduling same day appointments, please note that due to the nature of our service, All last minute rescheduling will be considered as a cancellation, in which there will be a charge a up to 50% of the total cost of the visit.

Cancelation Policies

Cancellations by you, please note due to the nature of our service, all last minute cancellations will be charged a up to 50% of the total cost of the visit. This is to cover all the labor and time made towards that appointment.

Cancellations by our team, typically we are committed to each and every appointment, and we always do our best to avoid any changes, but if something comes up in which we do not have any other choice but to re-schedule, then we will do our best to re-schedule for the next first opening.

As you know, we are a small business and have a limited number of staff cleaning per day, if the next best time does not meet your needs, then only at that point do we incline to have to cancel our appointment in order for you to find a replacement. So we apologize in advanced for any troubles this may cause.

We Care

If we have to cancel your appointment we will do our best to make it up to you with in the next appointment. We will give you priority and an extra service to make up for the inconvenience.

Samples of unforeseen reasons for re-scheduling:

  • Prior appointment is Larger in Square feet than reported over the telephone.
  • Prior appointment is a different “type” of cleaning, eg. Residential vrs Moving-Out
  • Prior client is Moving Out and the movers, painters are not finished and we are held back waiting.
  • Illness or Technical Difficulties


These situations may cause delays, a re-schedule or even force us a cancelation for the last appointment. We do our best to get all the details for each cleaning appointment prior to the appointment but we also rely on the information provided by each client. We apologize in advanced for any unforeseen inconveniences these types of situations may cause.

Unsatisfied by Our Visit

Please just give me a call Immediately : 604-781-4374. We care about each visit and you. We will identify the type of cleaning that was requested and paid for. Then if we missed any item on the specified cleaning list, we will thank you for letting us know and immediately make arrangements to return as soon as we can to touch up and correct the items missed. Our work is guaranteed.

If you are dissatisfied because you wanted more than what we cleaned, please check the type of cleaning you requested and identify if you pre-requested any additional things or gave us your special request in advanced. We use our lists to ensure we cover all the main areas, but if you don’t inform us of any specific things which are individual to your home or your needs, we will not know about them or that you are expecting them.

We always request and suggest that you clearly communicate with us what you need and we are ever so happy to do it. If we did in fact miss something promised, we will happily return as soon as possible and take of those things no problem.